Waiting for Sandy to pass

Steve & Carol
Sun 28 Oct 2012 20:22
As I am sure everyone knows Hurricane Sandy is approaching the eastern coast of America, fingers crossed – she seems to be heading north of us so we will not get the worst of her. It started raining last night and hasn't really stopped yet, the water level is higher than usual and the wind has hit 30 knots on occasions – we are expecting the strongest winds to start blowing tomorrow. Yesterday we met a kind couple Bill and Lydia who were getting their boat lifted out of the water, we were chatting and they asked where we were staying, when we said we were staying on the boat they offered us their house and the use of a pickup truck. This morning they picked us up and took us to the house, its on the water and north facing - they said if the power goes we might want to come back to the boat but we are welcome to use it as and when we want, they are going to their main home in Richmond tomorrow leaving us in their house here with the use of the truck so we can keep an eye on Innamorata– how many British people would be that trusting and kind to strangers!
So its wet and windy here but we are being well looked after, Innamorata is fairly well protected and we have done all we can to make her safe.
We are in contact with the other boats that we know and all have found somewhere to wait out  the storm, we wish each other a safe time and will surely have some stories to tell each other when we meet again.
One thing’s for sure, it will take a while to put the boat back together after Sandy has passed.