Day 14 one night to go!

Steve & Carol
Wed 4 Jan 2012 14:25
12:57.17N 57:02.20W at 1400 UTC
Light winds and lumpy seas made last night slow going, we couldn't sail in the direction we wanted as the waves kept knocking the wind out of the sails so we headed further south, today the wind is a little stronger and we are sailing at a better angle to it but our hope to be in Barbados by first light tomorrow are gone, now with 160 miles still to go we hope for sometime before lunch time! Bandit will arrive there tonight, lucky Brenda and David, while Richard and Alex on Moonshadow have one last night like us to go, soon we will be able to talk on the VHF as our courses are converging.
We are getting excited about our arrival in Barbados and the prospect of a good nights sleep before going for a swim, the water temperature is 28.5 degrees, just right for me! Hopefully the next update will be after we arrive and clear customs etc so it may be later in the day than usual.