Sant Miguel

Steve & Carol
Sun 1 May 2022 12:34
39:04.99N 001:26.28E
Moved on along the coast in preparation for heading on to Mallorca on Tuesday, when we arrived we were the only boat, here again the water was clear and it was easy to see where to drop the anchor in a nice sandy spot. In most directions the bay was pretty however there was a hideous hotel in the south east side which spoilt the view - so no pictures in that direction! the second day we were there a couple of boats came in including Tranquil waters who were moored next to us in Gibraltar and a dutch boat - Alani a lovely Contest 48, we had seen before but not met - they came over to say hello and we invited them onboard for a drink, we had a fun time and it turns out Marleen and Giel know our friends Rik and Sanne on Incentive - the sailing world is such a small one! Marleen and Giel are not going further into the med than the Balearics - they are heading off across the Atlantic come November / December, maybe we will meet them again somewhere one day!