Great Bridge, Virginia

Steve & Carol
Fri 29 Jun 2012 21:35
36:43.26N 76:14.47W Another day of motoring most of the time, it’s got very hot and is currently 38 degrees in the boat and hotter outside!!! We are moored on a free dock on the bank of the ICW, it’s the first time we have been tied up for longer than a fuel and water fill since 28/11/11 in the Canaries and feels very strange. It’s nice that there are free docks though and there are shops nearby so we are going to get some fresh food and BBQ tonight to try and keep the temperature down on the boat.
The ICW is more interesting up here and there was an Osprey nest on every navigation marker with a light on for the last 40 miles, the young are going to be very confused when they fledge and move to somewhere without a flashing light every night. It’s strange to be going up inland waterways and to have to time bridge openings.