Great Harbour Jost Van Dyke

Steve & Carol
Mon 30 Dec 2019 22:46
18:26.364N 64:45.12W
Today was rather grey and squally but we were having a good time on our own when we were invaded by a rally of 13/14 boats who anchored behind us - their anchoring skills provided some light entertainment! They were stopping for a beach party and will move on before dark. 
After the invasion
Nicky and Reg on Blue Velvet of Sark arrived in BVI’s this morning and along with Wild Iris, Endless summer and Balou who have all been at Anegada for a couple of days, they headed to Great Harbour where we are all planning to spend New Years Eve. We should have left earlier as it was just around the corner but didn’t really want to leave our nice spot but the others said it was filling up and so we should go today if we wanted to get a spot t o anchor so I persuaded Steve we should go - bad move 😬 we did eventually manage to anchor with enough room to swing but in 15m or water,  not ideal, not very protected either! Shortly after we were settled this obnoxious 23m cat came and anchored next to us and far too close to the boat behind it playing loud music - Oh joy!!