Day 17, Not a charmed passage!

Steve & Carol
Mon 27 May 2013 13:01
36:46.35N 35:30.25W
So long at sea is obviously getting to me, no doubt you are wondering why there is an email to Herb on the blog! and poor Herb is wondering why he didn't get an email! My sister informed me I sent it to the blog by accident, you must all think I am mad, I do!
We really aren't having the best luck on this trip! at about 22.30 last night something went at the head of the genoa and we  had to furl it away for the night , sailing on our tiny staysail and reefed main (to try and balance things) in the wrong direction as we couldn't point to windward well, consequently we made very little progress towards Horta! This morning we could see that it was part of the furlex system that had given way so at 11am Steve went up the mast in 13-15 knots wind and a bit of a bumpy sea, not a pleasant task! Anyway he managed to put a shackle where the snap shackle had sheared off its swivel, I guess due to metal fatigue. The genoa is now a little baggy but we are sailing again with it reefed to spread the load.  Just after we  got sailing a group of dolphins came to celebrate with us which was great.
Still no fish, in fact we have given up having lost the hook off the lure yesterday we really can’t be bothered anymore!
Looking forward to eating and drinking out in Horta.