Steve & Carol
Mon 1 May 2023 15:03
38:21.633N 014:57.447E
We headed to Lipari - having read reviews on the available anchorages we chose a little cove to the south of Lipari town, we knew the anchorage wasn’t very big and the sea bed fell away pretty quickly - but it was smaller than we expected and with another boat right in the prime spot, we ended up nearer the shore, it wasn’t ideal and though protected from the strong westerly wind, the swell still managed to roll in along with secondary swell left over from the previous wind direction and ferry wake it wasn’t a good anchorage, the only consolation was that Caffe Latte and Sancerre were having an equally horrible time in Porto Di Levante - they had the added pleasure of the sulphur odour as well though. from our anchorage we could see the alternative spots and after the first night we did up anchor and go to see if there was anywhere more sheltered but ended up back where we started as though not good it was our best option. We didn’t get to go ashore - getting the engine on and launching the dinghy would have been somewhat hard so we endured 2 days and nights looking at the forecast for a chance to escape the perpetual swell.