Veli Dolac, Murter Island

Steve & Carol
Sun 28 Aug 2022 14:15
43:48.064N 015:35.545E
We're getting used to these slow sails and made our way leisurely towards Murter Island and anchored in Veli Dolac, a shallow bay with a small “beach" and a campsite nearby.
Once anchored we were soon in the water having a cool down, checking the anchor and were going to go for a snorkel - after checking the anchor we noticed a little motorboat trying to get their anchor up, it was obviously stuck so we headed over, the couple on the boat had very little English but we managed to sort of communicate, I tried to dive down a couple of times but without weights I wasn’t going to make it - it was probably about 7or 8 meters, Steve went over to Adrians - who was anchored near by and asked Craig if he could have a go at freeing it as he recently went down to 10 or 11 meters to free his anchor, Craig got his snorkel, fins and a weight belt and came over, freeing it easily much to the delight of the boats occupants who promptly gave us all a beer each and me a chocolate bar as well 😁. We carried on for a little snorkel around the bay - there were a few fish, a small star fish and some orange and burgundy sponges - so a but of colour.