Last day and night to arrival in North Spain

Steve & Carol
Fri 20 Aug 2021 10:00
42:36.16N 008:55.94W
During the morning as we carried on south the wind picked up and we decided to take the main sail down as it was blocking the Genoa, unfortunately Steve ripped the leach of the main as we flaked it, so that’s the end of the mainsail until I mend it - hopefully its not an indication that the sail is reaching the end of its life - we still consider it to be a new sail (even though its 11 years old) so fingers crossed we don’t find too much else wrong with it when we take a closer look. We carried on with Genoa and Mizzen down towards Cape Finisterre and then gybed westwards before heading down the coast as far as Ria De Arousa by now we were motoring again as the wind had died and it was a beautiful morning as we headed to Puebla del Caraminal and anchored off the town.
The crossing was 588 miles and took in total 98 hours.