Day 6

Steve & Carol
Sun 23 Jun 2013 09:05
47:58.46N 12:14.36W @ 0900 UTC The low we are getting a ride back on is a bit too lively for comfort but is doing it’s job. We have had Force 7/8 for the last 18 hrs with short periods of 40+ knots so last night we had just the staysail and reefed mizzen set. Innamorata seems to be enjoying bouncing and burrowing her way through the sea unlike the occupants on board who are feeling a bit like the weather, cold, grey and damp.We are currently enjoying a Force 6 breeze so some of the genoa is back out again to keep us rolling along. Life on board when off watch is filled with eating, sleeping and reading as there is not much else to do in these conditions, mind you we don’t do much more even when conditions are kinder.
We are hoping to land at Falmouth on Tuesday and meet up with our friends on Vaiva who should arrive there today, looking forward to having a beer with them.