Cala Tarida.

Steve & Carol
Mon 11 Sep 2023 14:15
38:56.40N 001:13.936E
We had planned on heading around to the south of Formentera but the weather and swell had other ideas so we sailed back to Ibiza and anchored at Cala Tarida, a surprisingly nice little anchorage that had been very crowded when we sailed past a few days ago, now was much quieter, we found a good sandy spot and ended up staying a few nights. 
During the 3rd night the wind was blustery and swirling around the anchorage, some time around 2am we were rudely awakened when a Dutch boat, that had anchored near by, and Innamorata had a bit of a coming together, Innamorata was trying to swing past them and they touched our arch and dinghy with the front of their boat - we think that their anchor chain was probably caught around some rocks as they were hardly moving unlike other boats and us! Anyway no damage done but it did make for a rather uneasy rest of the night.  In the morning the young Dutch man from the boat came over to make sure everything was good and no damage done, we got chatting invited him on board, he didn’t understand why we had bumped in the night but agreed maybe he was tangled on a rock and was going to check his chain. 
We decided to head off and headed round towards Sant Antoni.