Puerto Valero

Steve & Carol
Thu 3 Jan 2019 13:35
10:56.60N 075:02.598W
We had an early start and left Santa Marta Marina at 06.00, not all the rally boats have left today 6 stayed behind and will set sail tomorrow or the next day, we gained a few of the group 1 boats while we were there who went home for Christmas so there are now 21 of us altogether. 
15 boats set off this morning and had a fast 60+ mile sail down to Puerto Velero, the wind was as predicted F6 for most of the trip with a spell of F7 the sea was a bit messy and confused at times - we even took a few rogue waves into the cockpit which is quite unusual for us, after we hit the muddy outflow water from the Rio Magdalena (we were 5 miles off shore and there was still a clearly defined line from blue to brown) the sea settled down and once we gybed the journey was really very pleasant. 
Photos of Sailing Yacht Lulu on passage.

We arrived at Puerto Velero to be greeted by the local coastguard/navy - Armada National boat and have anchored near the marina - and rather nearer than we had planned a grounded derelict catamaran! 
We are heading off early again tomorrow for another 60+ mile sail down to Islas del Rosario.