East Lemon Cays

Steve & Carol
Thu 7 Feb 2019 16:05
09:33.81N 78:51.63W
Today is Rik from Incentive’s Birthday so we had a great 3 hour sail over to the East Lemon Cays to meet up with him and celebrate his birthday. We arrived and anchored near Incentive and Rafiki - a Dutch boat we met in 2011 who are also friends of Riks from back in Holland. It was great to catch up with Loud and Marlene, we last saw them in Antigua in 2013, so there was a lot to talk about. A little later 2 other boats we know and hadn’t seen for a while arrived so we went ashore to the red roofed beach bar to have a catch up with them before heading over to Incentive for Rik’s birthday evening with Rafiki and 3 or 4 other Dutch boats which was a good fun evening.
Rafiki and Incentive anchored in front of us.
Red roofed beach bar
The following day we didn’t do much, did some visiting and some snorkelling which wasn’t great - you really have to go on the outside of the reefs but it was a little rough for my liking and there wasn’t much to see elsewhere. Rik and Sanne are heading off to Linton Bay in a day or so to enquire about getting lifted out of the water to repaint the bottom of Incentive so we said goodbye for now, we will see them again somewhere along the way.