Day 3 Christmas Eve

Steve & Carol
Sat 24 Dec 2011 14:15
16:14.99N 30:59.51W  1400UTC
Hi all hope you are all ready for tomorrow. We shall probably have a quiet one perhaps just by ourselves. I think it’s pork chops and nut roast on the menu with whatever veg is still edible. Pudding is cheesecake, weather permitting followed by some vanilla fudge that Carol made yesterday. Our progress is still slow as we are gybing our way to Barbados and putting in the extra miles. We have at last got some wind now and the sea is still being kind to us. It looks as if it will be nearer the three weeks to get across. We’ve had 100% cloud cover for the last two days so solar panels being a bit lazy and leaving it all for the tow gen to do which has definitely been a good buy. We are in good spirits although I haven’t had any yet but it is Christmas tomorrow. The four hour watch is going out the window we are trying a three hour one tonight.
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas.