Steve & Carol
Wed 21 Sep 2022 13:23
42:56.011N 017:10.040E
One place we did want to stop at is Korcula to visit the old town so we headed there and anchored a couple of miles from the town behind the island of Petzara for the night - it was a bit disconcerting at times as the boat sat in the current not the wind and so we were rather close to the shore at times. Early the next morning we moved a few hundred meters and anchored in the bay at the other end of the anchorage so we could get a bus into Korcula. Of course the timetable on the internet is completely wrong so we went ashore way to early, the timetable at the bus stop showed we had time to kill so we walked into the fishing village of Lumbarda to get some shopping then dropped them off at the boat before catching the next bus into Korcula town. We walked around the old town - which is tiny and as expected quite touristy, the old towns are all very quaint with their narrow streets and pretty old buildings but they are also all very similar and we’ve probably seen enough now 😂.
We got the bus back to the boat and decided to move on as the weather is turning in a couple of days and there are strong SE winds - possible gusting over 40 knots so we need to get somewhere sheltered.
We got down to the nice anchorage at Vucine and stopped there for the night.