No name island

Steve & Carol
Mon 25 Feb 2019 22:44

09:27.87N 078:38.25W

The forecast was for the wind and swell to pick up so we decided to move to the island just to our SW and tuck in behind the reef to get better protection - we went for a little exploration trip in the dinghy to see if we could find a good protected snorkel spot but there either wasn’t anything to see or it was too rough so we didn’t bother getting in. In the evening we had Stu and Steph over for a meal and had another great evening. the second day I did some sewing and made the port side sun shade.

The pictures were taken in Puerto Linton and there wasn't any need for the shade as it was cloudy the whole time we were there Sad smile 

_DSC8040 _DSC8041