Roseau, Dominica

Steve & Carol
Wed 22 Feb 2012 22:55
15:47.21N 61:22.62W We had a fast sail from Martinique where we dived yesterday on one of the wrecks with lots of marine life and a couple of turtles which was a great experience. Steve and Stuart rescued a charter catamaran which had dragged its anchor and was heading off to sea at a fast speed with no one on board, as they couldn’t start the engine they had to sail it and re-anchor consequently leaving it no where near where it had been! The family had been ashore watching the parade and didn't return till dusk but were easily recognisable being the dinghy going round trying to locate its boat looking rather lost! Steve and Stuart were on Tony’s boat and called out to them to tell them what had happened as best they could (the family were French). This morning the grateful family gave Tony 2 bottles of wine as a thank you. No wonder he sped off this morning at 15 knts in his catamaran, we’ll find him again soon though.