Portsmouth, Virginia.

Steve & Carol
Sun 1 Jul 2012 22:00
36:50.11N 76:17.79W
We had another thunderstorm last night, they really are amazing with so much lightning, there are bursts almost continuously, some near with thunder and others further away, during last night’s we had torrential rain and hail which has cleaned the decks up a little, there are more thunderstorms forecast for tonight, oh joy! We have moved on about 12 miles to Portsmouth and are moored here on another free dock, there aren't any facilities such as loos or water but it seems like a good place to stop. There is a marine store here who are very helpful, they are getting a couple of things for us including another fan to try and cool the boat down and some small gas bottles. They will also take Steve and our broken VHF to a man who hopefully will be able to fix it for us. The store also provides free internet and a courtesy car to go to the grocery store if needed – all seems too good to be true.
From here there is a ferry to Norfolk so we will no doubt go over there for a look, apparently we will also get a good view of the 4th July fireworks which are on the other side of the river but best viewed from here. The shops are all getting ready for the celebrations with lots of flags, star and strip hats, cakes, biscuits  - anything really.