Windward Passage

Steve & Carol
Sun 10 Feb 2013 23:45
18:50.65N 074:22.40W at 1800 local time.
We set off just after 20.00 last night after the short stop at Great Inagua where we found out that the shop closed at 13.30 not as our cruising guide said 17.30 so we didn’t manage to get any fresh supplies, there was a tiny shop open further away so we did get a couple of things, some men working behind the first shop flagged down the local police car and he gave us a lift and he picked us up again when we were walking back and gave us a lift to the dinghy dock which was nice of him, it was probably the highlight of his day! We had a good sail last night and although the sea was building, this morning there was a short lived squall which washed the boat and then the wind and seas abated a little so we have had a pleasant day sailing down wind which is a little rocky. We will be able to change course in 4/5 hours as we head around the south west corner of Haiti which we are looking forward to!