Day 5 at 13.30

Steve & Carol
Tue 2 Jan 2018 15:26
21:18.69N 28:03.68W 
We have had another good 24 hour run and have covered 167 miles despite a mishap in the night! We were sailing wing on wing with 3 reefs in main sail and 3 reefs in the poled out genoa when as Stephen and I swapped shifts at 3 am the pole broke with a bang– it is an extending one and the smaller tube which we had out a few feet snapped in two! It was all hands on deck to retrieve the broken pole and furl the genoa away which we did successfully in the good light of a full moon and deck lights. we then sailed on for just under 4 hours under tiny main only and so slowed a couple of knots for that time period. Luckily we have another smaller pole which we rigged up early this morning and we are now sailing on both sails again. We managed to surf down one wave and got a speed over ground of 16.3 knots – it was a rogue wave that just caught the boat right – not that i want to do that too often!
We are still in contact with Windsong and Believe on SSB and we are still sandwiched between them. we are also in contact with a boat going down to the cape Verde islands on our Sat phone. 
Once again no marine mammals but a tropic bird instead!
We have done 768 miles and now have less than 2000 miles to go to Barbados so we are all happy about that.