Tyrrel Bay

Steve & Carol
Fri 2 Mar 2018 18:09
What we got up to in Tyrrel Bay
We did a shallow dive – it was good to see so much colour and marine life although most was shy and didn't want to appear on Camera!
m_PICT0098 m_PICT0107
The ledge below was full of lobsters of different sizes, good job we don't catch them!
m_PICT0094  GOPR4920
We also went walking with Laurie and Bill from Toodle-oo, the plan was to walk up the highest peak however we didn't manage to find the trail and ended up having a pleasant walk around the north of the island instead.
This goat had 6 babies in tow, they looked like 3 pairs of twins, I can’t be sure they were all hers but there weren't any other adults in the area. They all resembled each other she was certainly looking after them all, this lot all waited anxiously calling for the 6th one until it caught up (not in the picture).                                                                                                          
Love these trees – I think they join together to give them added strength against hurricanes
Views of Union Island and Petit Martinique.
Goats sheltering from the sun under a house. Houses are all built on stilts due to the steep terrain.
Traditional boat building at Windward
As well as Bill and Laurie we made some new friend's including Joan & Sara on Tangaroa, Simon & Hilda on Brisa, Alan & Avril on Weohgi and Frank &Mandy on Infinity B (we actually briefly met Mandy in Bequai).
Enjoying a drink with new friends – This picture was stolen from Bills blog x