Day 6, very light winds.

Steve & Carol
Thu 16 May 2013 15:21
25:09.41N 53:54.18W at 12.00UTC. We had light winds at times yesterday so we made slow progress some of the time, a bonus was that we did some laundry, showered and I managed to make some bread rolls. The boys still haven't been persuaded  to try their hand at fishing though. The wind has been more from the south east so we have made some ground eastward which is what we want to do but again today we only have 8-11knots of wind so we are struggling to do 4 knots speed over ground. So far we have done 715 miles on the log but as there has been current against us most of the time  and we aren't going in a direct line we still have about 1520 miles to go to Horta (as the crow flies).
Yesterday we got an email from a boat called Water Music who left Antigua a couple of days after us, Stephen who contacted us said his wife, who is in UK, noticed our blog on mailasail and that we were a few hundred miles ahead of them, so we now have them to email daily and keep in contact with which is great, the more boats out here the merrier.
Even with the light winds the wind generator has been charging well enough to keep all the systems on the boat running night and day so the engine has been off since Saturday when we left.