Steve & Carol
Fri 25 Aug 2017 15:28
42:25.73N 008:42.10W
Thursday we had a rather pleasant if not slightly slow at times sail round to Combarro which is in the Ria De Pontevedra, we anchored off the marina and noticed that there was some sort of stage being erected near the waterfront – good old google – I looked and found out that there is the Festival Armandina Rock 2017 starting tomorrow for 3 days!! Could be noisy!
Today when we went ashore and found out that the festival de Mar has been on for a few days – hence music last night as well!
It was a little foggy first thing m_DSC09047 Luckily it soon cleared.
Combarro is a pretty fishing village we first visited in 2011, the old quarter is narrow streets with steps cut in the rock and homes are small and their front doors are tiny! There are numerous corn horreos (raised granaries) on stilts.
m_DSC09055     m_DSC09069  m_DSC09085 
m_DSC09100   m_DSC09109
then it was very quiet as well – today however its very touristy and busy but still different and quaint.
m_DSC09070The reluctant tourist!
m_DSC09074     m_DSC09107    m_DSC09108
The inside of a cute little home for sale.   m_DSC09082
m_DSC09093Last time we were here it must have been Neep tides as we anchored nearer the town and don't remember all this seabed at low tide! We have met the couple on the boat next to us they are on a years sabbatical from Norway although Beverly is originally from the UK.