Steve & Carol
Tue 14 Jun 2022 16:46
37:30.75N 013:05.299E
Hoping for a bit of an onshore breeze we waited until the afternoon to move on 10 miles, with a few knots of wind we were soon able to sail with our genoa and the old main sail we put on in Trapani. We were pleasantly surprised that we were soon doing 4.5knots in 7 knots of wind and although its short for the boom it didn’t look too ridiculous, typically the wind soon began to drop and we had to motor the rest of the way along the coast to Sciacca, we anchored outside the harbour, there was no wind, very little swell and we had a peaceful night, ashore there is a stony beach with a cliff and in its base there were some unusual holes cut - we didn’t find out what they were though! . In the morning we decided to pop ashore and nip to a shop for some bread, fruit and veg, there was a shop a couple of minutes walk from the marina where we could leave our dinghy, we got what we wanted and were soon back on the boat.