Luka Poljud, Spinut, Split

Steve & Carol
Mon 1 Aug 2022 18:30
We stayed at Spinut hunting for a new boost pump for the watermaker and generally hanging out - it's not the prettiest place but it's well sheltered, good holding and easy access to the shore. We got an Uber and visited some chandleries to no avail and made a few trips to the local Lidl to stock up on supplies - when you go ashore the noise from the Cicadas in the trees and bushes is so loud - it would drive me mad if I lived on land! 
When we failed to find a suitable pump or a chandlery that could help us and order something in we looked on line and found a place in Germany and another in the UK who sell the American made pump that broke and so emailed them both - of course this was on Friday so we had to wait till Monday - we assumed the German company would be the easiest one to send a pump to Croatia - however the company weren’t very helpful and would not advise us at all about options as our model is no longer made they just quoted for the new equivalent one a price of €1140.00 😱and told us to look at the brochure to decide what model we wanted! Time to talk to the UK? Steve rang a very helpful chap who said he would look and see what they had in stock and got back with, they had a similar one to the one that was broken - same specs just not submersible - (it's not used submerged and would be the least of our worries if it ever was submerged as we would have a serious amount of water in the boat 😬) and it is only a fraction of the price the germans quoted, now to get it to Croatia - luckily a friends son is flying out to Split at the end of the week so Steve arranged for it to be delivered to him and we will meet them to collect it. 
Once that was sorted we were able to head somewhere where we could swim😃.