Kralendijk, Bonaire

Steve & Carol
Wed 20 Jun 2018 15:45

12:09.53N 68:16.89W

We set sail from Los Roques at 2pm yesterday after a lovely stay, we are so happy that we made the decision to go to these beautiful islands with their friendly people, I just feel sad that we didn't bring more with us that they need, maybe next time!

The forecast was for light SE winds - good for getting a mooring at Bonaire as we have been told that boats tend to wait for less wind to move on, but not too good for sailing, so we set off with cruising chute but after a while the wind died and motor for a couple of hours before the wind picked up again and we put the genoa & mizzen up and had a good sail south of the Venezuelian islands of Aves de Barlovento and Aves de Sotavento, at 07.30 Steve spoke on the SSB to Bob ,from a boat called Baloo, who has been on a mooring in Bonaire for a couple of months, he said that a couple of boat were just leaving and his wife Anne had take their dingy and reserved one for us (apparently though not strictly allowed its what boats tend to do).  

Rik and Sanne wanted to go into the marina to get water so they went on the waiting pontoon, luckily some friends of theirs were heading off to Curacoa and called them on the VHF just before they left so Rik and Sanne were able to get their mooring.

Once settled in we all went ashore to check in, which was a lot quicker and easier than Los Roques, and then go to the marina and pay for the mooring.