Off to the USA

Steve & Carol
Mon 11 Jun 2012 12:08
28:05.77N 77:14.21W
We left the Bahamas yesterday at 17.00 local time (2100 UTC) as the weather seemed to dictate our departure, there is the threat of a tropical low developing in 10 days so things changed. The opportunity to head off seemed to be yesterday as the winds are favourable and we have a 4 day window to reach the states before a low develops off Cape Hatteras, we are heading for Beaufort, North Carolina but may head further south if the low comes in early. We are in sight of Matador still, with Eye Candy 6 hours or so ahead (they left before us) and Yindee to our west. Weather is good and we have Easterly wind force 4 and have averaged over 6 knots an hour, though we want to go faster and may go for cruising chute if the wind goes further round to the SE.