Portland harbour for the night then into Weymouth

Steve & Carol
Wed 10 Jun 2020 12:01
We were expecting to have to motor most of the way to weymouth and were pleasantly surprised when the wind appeared a short while after we left and so we sailed the whole way to Portland bill, we had to reduce sail to a tiny handkerchief to slow down so as to arrive at a good time for taking the inner passage round the Bill, on route we were even joined by 3 dolphins for a while which was great as it will be our last sail for a little while. 
We rounded Portland bill at the perfect time and made our way to Portland harbour where we anchored for the night before heading into Weymouth to get through the 10 am bridge, Weymouth looks very different with no visiting boats on the town quay which is usually full up with boats. Once through the bridge  we headed to what will be Innamorata's home berth for the next 9 months in Weymouth Marina,  friends we met in the Azores in 2013 are here and Steve had contacted them to let them know we were coming here, we were however surprised to see their boat Blue Bird 2 berths away. We are a little large for the marina but they have accepted us and are allowing us to live aboard, we couldn’t face returning to Brighton and are very happy to have found such a friendly marina which is right in the middle of the town with easy access to the shops etc.
Bluebird next to us