Falmouth, Antigua

Steve & Carol
Wed 28 Feb 2024 14:00
17:04.543N 061:53.718W
We half sailed half motored round to Falmouth harbour and anchored near our friends on Komotion. We went shore for a wander and walked round to Nelsons Dock Yard as we had seen that another boat we knew was in there - we hadn’t remembered that it costs $15 each to go into the Dock Yard but luckily the guard let us in saying "if you eat in a restaurant you don't have to pay” when we said we were just visiting friends on a boat there! There wasn’t anyone on board so we didn't actually visit anyone but did have a wander around the dockyard  anyway as we haven’t been there since 2013. It was only renamed Nelsons dock yard after it was renovated - Nelson actually only lived there for 3 years in his twenties when it was a Naval Dock yard and English harbour, being positioned on the south side of the island was used to monitor the french island of Guadeloupe to its south, it was and still is a safe haven and offered  great hurricane protect to naval gallons and cargo vessels in Nelsons day as well as sailing and motor yachts today .  
We went to the 2six8 craft Brewery for an evening with Sarah, Mike  and family from Komotion - we actually got there a while before they did and as all the tables were occupied we asked if we could sit at one end of one which wasn’t full, the people already there were lovely - one lady who lives in Antigua had sailed there in 1967 and her brother who was also at the table is the owner of a 1937 yacht which JFK used to sail, both originate from near Chichester just a few miles from where I grew up so all in all we had a lovely time talking to then and their friends while we waited. All in all we had a lovely evening - there was live music, Steve enjoyed the Frig It Ale (until they ran out 😬) and we had great company, enjoyed catching up with Sarah and Mike and meeting some of their friends - Mike skippers on a Superyacht and so they know a lots of people in Antigua. 
All too soon it was time for us to head back to July harbour to check out and head to St Martin, checking out is almost as bad as checking in but only costs EC$20.00, we also went to the supermarket to spend the EC$ we had as we cant use them in any of the islands we are going to from here.