Camp de Mar

Steve & Carol
Wed 21 Jun 2023 10:30
39:32.1656N 002:25.309E 
A very short sail to Camp de Mar, a bay we haven’t been to before but anchored close to last year, water is nice and clear but there are a couple of ugly hotels on the shore which spoil the view! 
The view from the beach is better!

Enjoying drinks on Tortola with Teresa, Terry, Janine and the 2 Steve's (mine was taking the picture). 
We had a great time - spent 3 nights, did some snorkelling and a fair bit of socialising, Sadly Teresa and Terry are heading off from here to Spain and on to France to transport Tortola back to the UK - it would have been good to hang out for longer but we will see them again in the UK and you never know they may even visit us!