Uvala Sunj, Lopud

Steve & Carol
Thu 7 Jul 2022 12:30
42:40.689N 017:57.282E
The trip from Kupari took us past Dubrovnic old town and so we got a good view, we have decided not to visit there yet - it's too hot to go sightseeing and with between 2 and 4 cruise ships in every day probably a bit crowded! Though not totally prohibited they do not like anyone anchoring in the bay and there isn't anywhere they let you leave a dinghy so we would have to anchor a few miles away and get a bus in or anchor on a nearby island and get a ferry so maybe on the way south.
Once past the bay we headed to Lopud a nearby island and anchored in the already fairly busy bay on the south, due to its proximity to Dubrovnik its a popular spot for local boats and  arriving on a Sunday the shallower water was pretty full of small motor boats rafted together and charter boats. We found a spot and anchored on the west side of the bay in lovely clear water - there were even a few fish around 😁, the water was a bit warmer here so we were soon in cooling down and finishing cleaning the hull - well almost still we have the prop and bottom of keel to do -  you have to leave something for next time! By later in the day the bay was a lot quieter.