passage south

Steve & Carol
Mon 4 Jun 2018 17:05
13:28.00N 65:24.64W
We have had a good sail and covered 162 miles in 24 hours despite the lighter wind yesterday, we are currently sailing in 20 knots from the east with reefed sails 125 miles to go. We are sailing with Incentive who is 0.2 miles away. Steve spoke to some friends in Bonaire on the OCC SSB net earlier and they said that there is some movement off the moorings but boats are still waiting for them, hopefully we will be able to make the shorter passage from Los Roques and arrive in Bonaire when moorings are available –there haven't been any moorings for a while and you cannot anchor there so some boats have had to sail on to Curacao – not  what we want to have to do.