Santa Eugenia de Riveira

Steve & Carol
Fri 25 Aug 2017 14:14
43:33.90N 008:59.17W
We spent a couple of nights at anchor off the beach and headed the couple of miles to Puebla del Caraminal on Sunday to meet Helen and Jayne who had flown to Santiago De Compostela during the week. Having picked them up we headed back to the protected anchorage and re anchored, it was hot so we tried out one of the sunshades I had made at home before we left.

We had run the water-maker a few days ago for the first time since leaving - Steve had installed since our last trip, the cable got rather hot so we needed to get some larger cable and terminals. Monday we headed back to Puebla Del Caraminal in search of the a shop that sold the cable & terminals, to do laundry and get some shopping, once there we all went ashore - it soon became apparent that all the shops were closed and only bars and restaurants were open and we realised that it was a Holiday, We did asked at a bar and were told that the whole weekend was the celebration of Carmen de los Pincheiros - who we later found out is the patron sail of Sailors!  There were a few bands playing and there would be fireworks at midnight to end the festivities.

We were going to have tapas for lunch and I went to check that Innamorata was OK only to see what looked like a Viveros - muscle farm float, just by her, Steve and myself headed back and realised that the locals had put the firework display rafts just by where we were anchored, so we upped anchor and moved to a safe distance to re-anchor.
m_DSC08899a little too close for comfort!
We were given a lovely dolphin display a little later when a pod came into the bay chasing tuna, they kept tossing the tuna in the air, which looks better on video than in photo’s.

Unfortunately the fog rolled in long before midnight and the fireworks were lost in it (sorry not a very good photo)
The next morning the fog cleared and we went ashore - the place we were told we might get the cable from was closed with a sign on the door saying their shop in a nearby town was open! We did some provisioning and then went to Villagarcia as Steve had been told he may get cable there - no luck! we sailed across the Ria to a bay to anchor for the night and had another Dolphin encounter - this time bottlenose not common dolphin 
   m_DSC09028  m_DSC09012  m_DSC09033a
On Wednesday we had a slow sail to Ribeira and finally got the cable before taking dinghy to beach for a while.