St Augustine, Florida.

Steve & Carol
Sun 25 Nov 2012 18:04
29:53.11N 81:18.30W We set off at dawn to make the 60 mile trip and arrive in good light, we had a great sail for most of the trip having to motor at the end when the wind died. We have splashed out and are on a mooring ball for a few days so we can leave Innamorata, do some sightseeing, catch up with friends and not worry about her. We were picked up by Pete and Kourtney not long after we got here and went to the yard their boat is out of the water at and had a BBQ with them and Tony. We had a great evening, good food and company.
Today we visited Juniper Springs with Tony and Kourtney, the springs are a couple of hours drive away in the Ocala National forest and bubble out of the sandy ground in beautiful blue pools beneath a canopy of oaks and palms. We had hoped to see alligators and black bears but were out of luck and had to settle for more squirrels!
A Northern Cardinal