Blue Lagoon

Steve & Carol
Tue 2 Aug 2022 14:30
43:26.272N 016:10.467E
It was certainly time to move so we set off and had a slow sail out through the gap near Split and began to head west , the wind died and so we headed to the nearest anchorage and anchored near Okrug Gornji's  Mavarstica beach on Ciovo Island to wait for wind. It's a pleasant little bay surrounded by what look like holiday homes and the shore has lots of rock ledges used to sit and sunbath on - like most of Croatia the shore is rock not sand. After a couple of hours the wind picked up and so off we went again, of course it was now from the direction we wanted to go in so we tacked our way over and stopped near the "Blue Lagoon” a rather popular anchorage south of the island of Otok Drvenik Veli, we anchored off the island of Otok Krknjas Veli in the middle of the Blue Lagoon. The water is crystal clear and it's easy to think you are somewhere else but it was crowded during the day with local motor boats, charter boats and of course the Italians are all over here on holiday in their boats now its August, there was some good entertainment watching boats try to anchor,  get tangled up or just anchoring badly! 
These Italian boats got in a bit of a muddle
We had some cleaning to do as we had noticed a smell in the boat which we found had come from a spray can of anti corrosion grease which had exploded - which just let rip its contents inside a cupboard making just a little mess! I also decided to give the deepest part of the bilge a clean as it has some greasy water in it which obviously we don’t want to pump out into the sea so had a lovely few hours cleaning before we rewarded ourselves with a swim and snorkel.
We both had a go at paddle boarding again and had a swim and a snorkel around, sadly there isn’t really anything to see here, a few small fish but really its pretty boring and lacks any colour, so of course we did a bit of hull cleaning - we have obviously been totally spoilt by the Caribbean water! The most exciting thing we saw were goats having a stroll along the shore in the evening 😂. Despite being crowded we stayed 2 nights and quite enjoyed ourselves.