La Azohia

Steve & Carol
Fri 8 Apr 2022 20:29
37:33.34N 001.10.279W
we headed off for the short hop along the coast to Azohia, we managed to sail some of the way but with light wind and a lumpy sea we were rolling too much to keep the sails full so ended up motoring. Off the headland at Azhoia there is a large tuna net and a large area around it is buoyed off. There are also local moorings tucked in behind the headland so we anchored outside the moorings tucked in as far as we could so that we still got protection from the westerly wind and swell. 
Falcor anchored near by and left early the next morning to head into a marina at Cartagena, while they were there decided to flying home for a quick visit.
We stayed and enjoyed being the only boat anchored. We went ashore a few times, walked to Torre de Santa Elena where we got a good view the bay and Innamorata anchored as well as the tuna nets, from above you can see its not really a net but a trap where the tuna go in and can’t get out.
 Every day the tuna “net” is tended to and emptied by 2 boats who start at either end of the net then one moved towards the other lifting the net as it goes and so moving the fish to one end to empty the net into the second boat!
We also went for a couple of walks along the beach, bars and restaurant's were getting ready to open up for easter and the approaching start of the holiday season, we stopped at one to enjoy a coffee and the view, we spent 4 days anchored there, reinstated the water maker and did a couple of little jobs on board. 
We had planned to head further up the coast to see a friend who lives at Moraira but with really very strong winds (40+ knots) forecast in a few days there was only the Mar Menor as the only option on the mainland to find a safe spot to ride it out so we decided to take a weather window and head to Ibiza instead.