Clifton Union Island

Steve & Carol
Mon 26 Feb 2018 10:11
12:35.75N 61:24.75W
We said our goodbyes to Moonlighting and set sail for Union Island , it’s  only 4 miles from Saline bay and it didn't take very long to get there, as its Sunday we can’t check out today so we anchored for the night ready to checkout in the morning. Here we were greeted by an aggressive “boat boy” who got very angry when we said we didn't want a mooring ranting about how the English and Americans don't take moorings which is bad for the locals – apart from the cost you have no idea how strong the moorings are and to take one is a risk we just aren't prepared to take (On Mayreau we spoke to some Australians who were chartering a catamaran and had taken a mooring in Salt whistle bay where at 4am in the pitch dark they and other charter boats broke their moorings, which in the very crowded bay was not a nice experience).
Clifton wasn't nearly as busy with boats as it was last time we were here, the anchorage is behind a reef and has a reef in the middle as well.  m_DSC01028 m_DSC01026 
We anchored behind the reef with this shallow behind us
Come customs and Immigration opening time in Clifton we were there waiting with some other sailors, however they couldn't locate the keys for the building and so redirected us the short walk to the airport to checkout, it’s a surprisingly busy little airport – a couple of small plans landed while we were there. This cattle managed to get into the airport runway enclosure – hopefully it won’t wander too near the runway in the distance!