Ile a Vache, Haiti

Steve & Carol
Mon 11 Feb 2013 20:23
18:06.36N 73:41.70W
After an uneventful night with disappointingly little wind we arrived at Port Morgan late this morning and were inundated by teenage boys in dugout canoes all offering to take us places, show us around the island, do any odd jobs or cleaning on the boat etc they all clung onto the side of the boat wanting to be the one you ask to do something, as we hadn't even anchored and were trying to, I thought Steve would drop the anchor in one of their boats, as it was, our engine cooling water outlet steadily filled one while its occupant bailed asking if I wanted to give him our laundry for his mother to do! Luckily we had arrived before Denis and Pam on Glide so all the boat boys flocked over to them leaving us to tidy the boat etc in peace for a short while before the little children started to appear asking to wash the boat and for biscuits, we have been warned not to give them any as all the village children will appear wanting some! I think it will take some getting used to here but it's very pretty, the people seem friendly and are very polite, it's just going to be difficult to keep saying no to them.
We were surprised that there are 7 or 8 boats here, most of which are French (they speak French and creole here).

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