Komolac up the river near Dubrovnik waiting to checkout.

Steve & Carol
Tue 27 Sep 2022 14:49
42:40.285N 018:07.185E
We were very well sheltered in Sipanska and didn’t really see any strong winds, it was however very grey and wet on a few occasions, we had some good daily entertainment when the charter boats came in and picked up the restaurant moorings which are around the outside of the anchorage, only a couple of boats anchored near us which was a relief. once the forecasts improved we headed out and on to an anchorage up the river near Dubrovnik to get our gas bottles filled and wait for a weather window to head to Italy. We also got some fuel to be on the safe side. There were 2 other boats there when we anchored both we made friends with and over the next few days more boats arrived - everyone waiting for a weather opportunity to head south - Steve and Janine on Jack the lad joined us in the anchorage and we had fun catching up with them - we are both heading the same way we will leave at the same time. All in all we had a good social time not only with Steve and Janine when the 2 Steves probably drank a little too much Rum!  but also meeting cruisers from America, Holland, Canada and Hong kong as well as a couple of British boats we had met before, it was the largest gathering of cruising boats we had seen for months. 
Shopping done and a couple of meals prepared the weather window which had been looking good for leaving wasn’t quite as good now but we decided it was better to have to motor some of the way than get stuck any longer, it was time to say good bye to Croatia.