Back to Christmas Cove

Steve & Carol
Thu 16 Jan 2020 20:01
18:18.389N 064:50.07W
We spent a week in Charlotte Amalie, we were very sheltered where we were anchored. We went ashore a few times to do shopping laundry and explore a little, the island was it was busy with cruise ships most days - one day there were 5 in so, there are a lot of jewellery and designer shops also bizarrely a Belgium chocolate shop all set up for cruise ship customers! Public transport on the island is little safari buses which are $1 or $2 a ride so getting around is cheap. While we were there I had a cold 🤧 so we didn’t do very much or socialise much, we did however go to Wild Iris for an evening with a few others - Wild Iris are heading off to the Spanish Virgin Islands so we won’t see them again for a while.
We were more than ready to head back to Christmas cove for a dive or 2 before there weekend when stronger winds are back.