Oriental, North Carolina.

Steve & Carol
Sat 8 Jun 2019 18:41
35:01.38N 76:42.00W
We didn’t stay the night in Beaufort but went back out to the anchorage outside the town for an early start up the intercostal waterway. We were woken early by boat traffic heading out to the ocean for a fishing competition - it was pouring with rain and there was a continuous line of sports fishing boats heading out! We set off at low water and had good clearance going through the first bridge, all the bridges on the ICW are 65ft but at high water the Beaufort one is less (we are about 64.5ft high to the top of our arial). it rained for most of our trip to Oriental, where we anchored and are planning to stay a few days. Not long after we anchored we heard someone call our names and saw Stephanie and Greg from Lulu were on the marina wall, we had no idea they were here.