Heading to Sardinia.

Steve & Carol
Sun 7 May 2023 15:04
39:07.735N 009:51.197E
Though not the perfect weather window, the forecast was better than anything in the available future predictions so by 6am we were lifting the anchor and heading towards Sardinia, initially there wasn’t any wind so we motored for a couple of hours before there was enough wind to try our new bigger cruising chute for the first time, we were pretty pleased that in only 6 knots from behind we were able to sail slowly in the right direction, soon the wind had picked up to about 10 knots and we had a lovely day sailing with mizzen and cruising chute.
As the day progressed we were treated to another visit from some Stripped dolphins.
Though we said we would take the cruising chute down before dark we were having such a good sail and sunset we felt happy to keep it up until midnight when we needed to gybe.
After gybing we went to genoa and mizzen, this wasn’t such a good course for our angle on the waves, as the wind dropped the wave angle was causing Innamorata to roll and the sails to flog, time to motor for a couple of hours before the wind had increased enough to keep the sails full, we gybed a few more times, put the cruising chute up again for a while but the wind kept conspiring to send us further off our destination which was pretty much dead down wind by mid morning we poled out the genoa, wondering why we hadn’t bothered earlier we were then able to head in the right direction. 
As we approach land the light faded and we ended up anchoring in the large bay near Villasimius in the dark.