Fort De France

Steve & Carol
Wed 18 Apr 2018 22:19
We had pleasant stay in Fort De France although the weather was rather grey and wet for most of the time we were there, we spent some time with Moonlighting before they headed north, caught up with Derek and Lesley on Ocean Blue and met some new people – including Dave on Contenta who was going to sew his genoa where its stitching had given way, Steve offered my services and we went over with my sewing machine and I repaired it for him – he is going back to Antigua as they recently repaired it, checked it over and said the stitching was all OK!
Fort De France                                                  A local sailing boat
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The bus drivers were on strike while we were on Martinique so we hired a car for a day to see some more of the island, we headed north and stopped at the Jardin de Balata for an hour or so, the day was fairly overcast, which meant it wasn’t too hot but wasn't so good for picture taking! The Garden was picturesque and we saw some hummingbirds - I even managed to get a couple of photos of them!
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We headed north towards Mount Pelee – which was covered in cloud then drove down the east coast of the island and back via a large supermarket and a couple of other stops to Fort de France .
Our Car for the day.