Day 5

Steve & Carol
Fri 21 Jun 2013 09:29
45:48.30N 18:43.43W at 0900 UTC. Wind 20knots from WSW, Cog 50Deg, SOG 5-6knots.  We are now heading for the UK having reached 45 degrees north, however the wind has been from behind with seas that just aren't very comfortable, we have rolled all night and had to gybe a couple of times to try and make life a little more comfortable on board, we are trying to go along slowly with reefed genoa and mizzen to avoid stronger winds to the north of us as a low pressure system passes by, we hope to get a ride on the bottom of it when it’s passed. It looks like Mark Karen and Andy on Vaiva are going to be in for anther blow as they are 330 odd miles ahead of us.We have seen a couple of ships and I spoke on the VHF to a Halberg Rassy we met in Horta despite being over 80 miles from them!