Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Steve & Carol
Thu 6 Dec 2012 18:09
26:06.35N 80.08.71W We decided that the 20 bridges which need to open for sailing boats to pass through between Lake Worth and Fort Lauderdale weren't and experience we needed and though the day started grey there was more wind than forecast so we set off at dawn for another coastal passage. The trip started with a good sail despite the colour of the sky it was warm – t shirt weather.
We sailed fairly close to the shore as the gulf stream is only 2-4 miles off shore and we didn't want to get slowed down by it, it does make the sea nice and warm though at 26.5 C.
The coast line wasn't the prettiest but the day was warm and the water very blue.
By the time we arrived at Fort Lauderdale the wind had died down and the sun was well and truly out – what a nice place to arrive at from the sea, its a mass of waterways each property has its own dock and boats as well as the compulsory palm tree.
We will be here for a few days to provision before either going on to Miami or waiting for a weather window to sail across to the Bahamas.