Las Salinas, DR

Steve & Carol
Tue 26 Feb 2013 15:54
18:12.87N 70:32.68W We went ashore just before 8am to meet the immigration officer who stamped our passports then escorted us to a bank to get some money out to pay for the tourist cards and temporary importation of the boat (all legitimate fees) it took a while to get a receipt for the money and I am sure the boat fee will end up in his pocket as there was no real paperwork for it! at Barahona to stock up on some supplies, went to the supermarket and the produce market (followed by a child asking for money the whole way) before heading back to try and get our Despachos to leave during the night, at first we were told to come back at 11am so we did and saw the same chap who came to the boat last night and who we refused to tip, he told us that if we wanted to leave at 4am we must go back then to get the despachos, in the end we got our despachos from another Marina de Guerro who we also declined a payment to.  We were amused by a sign on the wall in the Marina de Guerro compound which said Marina de Guerro an honourable profession! 
After an early night we were up at 3am and left for Las Salinas making most of the 35 mile journey before the wind picked up tacking the last few miles as the winds increased. We were anchored before 11am local time, there is not a lot here so we plan to rest ready for the next passage either tonight or tomorrow night, we will decide when we get the weather via the sat phone after I send this message.