Heading up to Murter

Steve & Carol
Thu 8 Sep 2022 15:00
43:49.834N 015:35.319E
With strong wind from the south we headed off, immediately we were having a fantastic fast sail with mizzen and genoa, gybing our way north towards Murter we had a force 5/6 all the way with Innamorata doing a respectable 7-8.5knots most of the way. We were concerned Hannah may feel sick as she hasn’t sailed with us for a long time but she was fine and very at ease and even read a book part of the trip! On route we passed a small island with bunkers - no doubt left over from the Balkan war and a tiny island with a large lighthouse.
We chose Muter so we have a good protected anchorage from the strong winds, thunder and lightening forecast for tonight and tomorrow and made it the 37 miles there before 2pm.
Falkor was anchored in the bay and so we did a quick pass by to say hello before we anchored, Lucy's Mum and dad were on board - they are here with their camper parked just next to the shore . Soon we had the dinghy launched for Steve and Hannah to pop ashore, we need some toilet hose from the chandlery and have a lovely maintenance job to do tomorrow 🙄😬. The locals were having a traditional boat rowing regatta and so some of the anchored boats were moved - luckily we weren’t, to be honest the racing seemed a bit disorganised and there were small boats milling around so you couldn’t really see what was going on, the locals seemed to be having fun and they had a big party on the shore afterwards.
The weather wasn’t as bad as predicted, it did blow a bit and from the North which wasn’t predicted at all causing a few boats to drag anchor in the middle of the thunder lightening and rain, I got up for a while to make sure all was Ok and no one was dragging onto us. 
Come the morning all was quiet and Hannah went off paddle boarding while we sorted the aft head out, after which we all went for a walk up to the church to show Hannah the view and grab a few figs on the way, sadly the figs where almost all gone, lots were on the floor and the ones on the trees were often over ripe and dried out!
After the walk we headed back to the boat to eat before popping over to Falkor for a lovely evening with Lucy, Simon ,Steve and Sarah.