Nassau 02/05/2024

Steve & Carol
Thu 2 May 2024 16:19
25:04.8285N 077:20.2312W
We set off at first light and sailed across Yellow bank and arrived in Nassau in the early afternoon, it took a while to find a spot to anchor, it was either too shallow or too near other boats, with the wind and tide in the harbour boats move around a lot and different hulls move differently, We ended up at the cruise ship end anchoring outside the designated anchorage! We launched the dinghy and soon we’re going ashore to meet Vicki. It cost $20 to leave the dinghy at a marina - there are no safe dinghy docks except at marinas!
We went for a drink and chat before Vicki took us to a grocery shop to get some fresh supplies. Afterwards we said goodbye to Vicki - headed back to the boat - took outboard off and lifted the dinghy on to the front deck and soon I was preparing a couple of meals while Steve was securing the dinghy etc. A police boat came by and told us we had to move but accepted that we would be going at first light so let us stay where we were!