Sant Antonio

Steve & Carol
Sun 17 Sep 2023 11:00
35:58.20N 001:18.125E
With wind and swell from the SW we decided to head into Sant Antoni and see if we could anchor anywhere - since last year they have prohibited anchoring where we were and the anchoring information on the apps we use didn’t sound promising with many moorings and weedy areas to avoid. However we did find a nice spot with a couple of longterm live aboard boats who seem to be here all the time. It was shallow - depending on where we swung we had between 0.6 and 2m under our keel but with the wind from the SW it wasn’t a problem. From here it was easy to go ashore and we went off to try and get some bits we need, go the the chandlery and of course the supermarket. We stayed a couple of nights - the wind did pick up at nighttime so it wasn’t particularly restful but it served its purpose well!