Heading South again and into the Chesapeake

Steve & Carol
Sun 16 Sep 2012 12:29
38:49.51N 074:58.22W 06.30 am entering Delaware Bay
One of the reasons we stopped at Sandy hook was to try and clean some of the barnacle farm from poor Innamorata’s hull, we thought that if we anchored away from the harbour the water would be cleaner than it had been in Long Island Sound and New York, wrong, the 6 inches visibility in the muddy water made it impossible and I refused to dive but Steve did go under to check the propeller as we thought there might be something caught on it. I cleaned a few of the offending barnacles off with a scrapper but fear it had little impact, we can’t wait to for her to be lifted out in Deltaville so we can give her a proper clean and new antifouling which hopefully will do a better job than this lot has!
We then spent an uncomfortable sleep less night bouncing up and down as the wind turned to the north and increased, the anchorage offered little protection! We were both up before first light and after waited for the current against us to subside a little set off for Delaware bay. We had a great start sailing in 20+ knots of wind from behind which stayed with us for the day and only reduced overnight so we helped by motor sailing, this morning we are sailing up the Delaware bay in light westerly winds hoping to make the Chesapeake and Delaware canal and  stop either at Chesapeake or head on into Chesapeake Bay.